Funding of Woodford Neighbourhood Forum

The funding of Woodford Neighbourhood Forum has been successfully achieved by applying for a grant of £6,910 from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Locality have been managing the grant funds and progress made with our plan on behalf of DCLG. The grant, which expires at the end of 2014, is to cover the initial costs of creating a Neighbourhood Plan, such as communications with residents, creation and analysis of a questionnaire, meeting room hire costs, and a public exhibition.

Some of this work has been undertaken, and the cost recovered from the grant, but much is still to be done.

Unfortunately the work is taking longer than anticipated. This is for three reasons – the sad death of the Forum’s Chairman, Stephen Taylor, and the huge effort being put into defending Woodford from both the development on the aerodrome site and the proposed huge Cheshire East Development also on our doorstep.

In addition Woodford Community Council made a donation of £2,000 to WNF to support this defence of Woodford from excessive development.


Woodford Neighbourhood Plan

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