What Does Woodford Neighbourhood Forum (WNF) mean for Woodford?

Objectives in our Constitution

The basic Purpose of the Forum is to promote and improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Area.  The Forum will seek to achieve this by:

  • Actively encouraging all the Members to participate fully in the activities of the Forum for the promotion and improvement of the Area.
  • Encouraging the goodwill and involvement of the wider community.
  • Fostering community spirit and encouraging civic pride.
  • Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan in partnership with the Local Planning Authority which will set out the Forum’s policies for use of the land in the Area or, in partnership with other Forums, Parish Councils, or planning authorities of the wider area, taking into account the need to balance the different concerns of the people who live or work in the Area and the powers and resources of the Local Authority in relation to planning matters.
  • Exercising any powers which attach to the Forum; this could include producing Neighbourhood Development Orders, Community Right to Build Orders and identifying Assets of Community Value.
  • Providing a forum for the discussion of issues that may affect the Area as well as ideas that may enhance it, such as transport planning, streets, health, local public services, local businesses and open spaces.
  • Supporting projects that are of benefit to the Area.
  • Considering proposals by public or private sector bodies likely to have a significant impact on the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Area.

The following Principles will inform the steps which the Forum takes toward the achievement of the above Purpose:

  • Protecting, preserving and enhancing:
    • The architectural heritage and physical and environmental character of the Area.
    • Green spaces and the natural environment.
    • Local businesses serving the Area.
    • Use of land for public purposes.

whilst acknowledging that some change for social, economic and environmental reasons can be desirable.

Swans on lake
  • Taking into account the imperatives of climate change and other sustainability considerations.
  • Maintaining or enhancing the diversity of the Area.
  • Encouraging the development of a close and integrated community.
  • Recognising the importance of good service provision for all sections of society within the Area, in particular for young people, older people and more vulnerable members of the community.
  • Supporting efforts to reduce crime in the Area.
  • Seeking at all times to act on the basis of equality between and respect for all persons regardless of gender, age, race (including ethnicity and nationality), sexual orientation, religion or belief, disability and socio-economic status.


Click here to view the full Constitution.

Preparation of A Neighbourhood Plan

A primary purpose of a Neighbourhood Forum is the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan.

A Neighbourhood Forum has statutory and recognised powers and duties that bring some of the decision-making and liaison closer to those affected by development proposals and allow their views to carry much more weight.

Working within the National Planning Policy Framework, Local Core Strategy and Allocations Plan, Woodford Neighbourhood Forum (WNF) may produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the designated Area, which would provide guidance for development within that Area and better reflect the views and concerns of local people, businesses and organisations.

It cannot change anything that has already been agreed, but can influence future developments. The Plan would have to be submitted to a local referendum in which all registered voters in the Neighbourhood Plan Area would be entitled to vote and can only be accepted if a majority of those voting agree to it. If accepted, the Plan would become a Policy Document to which Stockport Council must give due consideration.

Forum activities

WNF activities and purposes of the Neighbourhood Plan are shown in the flow chart here.

Since July 2019 WNF has been a consultee on all planning applications in the Woodford Neighbourhood Area. The management committee have reviewed planning applications and have submitted to Stockport Council an assessment against the policies in the Woodford Neighbourhood Plan. You can review our responses here.

Walking in Woodford

One of the aspirations that arose from our residents survey was to encourage walking and cycling in Woodford and we are working with Woodford Community Council to advocate for this. We are preparing guides to public rights of way in Woodford. You will find a map and summary of the routes here, and detailed guides here.


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Walking in Woodford

Click on image for Guide to routes

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