Woodford Neighbourhood Plan (NP) – Next Steps (2018…)

  1. Woodford Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) was submitted to SMBC on 28th September 2018.
  2. From this stage, the WNP process is a joint one between SMBC, but led by SMBC.
  3. SMBC publicised the WNP and agreed to progress it to approval.
  4. SMBC appointed an independent Examiner in consultation with WNF in December 2018.
  5. Examination of the WNP was completed in April 2019.
  6. The Examiner’s Report has been received and can be viewed here.
  7. The WNP has passed all the legislative requirements and has been amended according to the Examiner’s requirements.
  8. The WNP now has to pass through a series of council meetings before approval at a full council meeting on 4th July 2019. *We are at this stage
  9. When the WNP is approved, SMBC will select a date and publicise a referendum.
  10. SMBC will hold the referendum of residents in the Woodford Neighbourhood Area.
  11. If approved by a majority of residents at the referendum, SMBC will make the WNP and bring it into effect.

The steps in Neighbourhood Planning can be viewed here.