Woodford Neighbourhood Plan (NP) – Next Steps (2018…)

  1. Review of draft NP by council and forum members (ongoing)
  2. Pre-submission consultation on draft NP in consultation with SMBC, the local community and statutory organisations which the Council recommend.
  3. Revise the draft NP following consultation and submit to SMBC.
  4. From this stage, the NP process is a joint one between SMBC, but led by SMBC.
  5. SMBC publicises the NP.
  6. SMBC agrees to progress the NP to approval.
  7. SMBC appoints an Inspector in consultation with WNF.
  8. Examination of the NP.
  9. Examiners report is received.
  10. SMBC publicise referendum.
  11. SMBC holds referendum.
  12. SMBC makes the NP and brings it into effect.The steps in Neighbourhood Planning can be viewed here.