Pre-submission Consultation

Woodford Neighbourhood Forum Management Committee have developed a vision, objectives and draft policies for the Neighbourhood Plan based on analysis of evidence gathered from a residents’ questionnaire, a business survey, landscape and environment studies and a number of studies conducted on our behalf by professional consultants, including a Scoping Report by Kirkwells Ltd, a Housing Needs Assessment by AECOM, a Movement Study by Peter Brett Associates and a Heritage and Character Assessment by AECOM.  A report by Cheshire Wildlife Trust is in progress. We are currently consulting residents, local businesses and Stockport Council on preliminary draft policies for the Neighbourhood Plan. Preparation of a draft Neighbourhood Plan document with all the necessary supporting evidence is underway for the next stage: pre-submission consultation (Regulation 14).

The key stages in neighbourhood planning can be found here

The preliminary draft policies can be viewed here

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The information and evidence which support these policies can be viewed in the following reports: